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Getting to Know Your Mac WDC-290

Learn the Macintosh desktop, how to get around in your Mac and what is made available with the latest Mac operating system, including some utilities and applications. Learn how to copy and move files andĀ organize the desktop. This class will…

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Photoshop – Level 1 WDC-291

This image editing software offers an impressive array of tools for correcting and altering digital images. Create and save files, correct images, create and manipulate layers and fix or retouch photos.

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Photoshop – Level 3 WDC-501

Successful completion of Photoshop Level 2 recommended. You will: look through an array of filters, use Photoshop as an art tool and learn specialty processes and take a peek at Image Ready.

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InDesign – Level 1 WDC-484

Adobe InDesign is a prime tool for producing brochures, flyers, business cards or newsletters. Taught on a Mac platform.

InDesign – Level 2 WDC-599

Learn advanced layout techniques, how to use built-in tools for managing layout and preparing files for print. Taught on a Mac platform.

InDesign – Level 3 WDC-609

Create graphics using the pen tool, work with transparencies, tabs and tables. Prerequisite: InDesign Level 1 and Level 2 or intermediate experience. Taught on Mac platform.