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If there’s one thing we know, its training—and we get excited talking about it! That’s why we have worked with SBJ Live to produce our “5-Minute Training Bootcamp” series. This six-episode series is designed to take the viewer from beginning to end development of an effective, outcomes-based employee training program.

In addition to the 5-Minute Training Bootcamp videos themselves, which you can find at SBJ Live, we are providing a corresponding “white paper” to accompany the material provided in the video. Each time a new episode is released we will post the accompanying white paper for download as a PDF.

We hope you find the information helpful and that our enthusiasm sparks new inspiration when approaching employee training! If you would like to take advantage of our training expertise, please feel free to call us at (417) 447-8884 or email at

Episode 1 Video

Episode 2 Video

Episode 3 Video

Episode 4 Video

Episode 5 Video

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