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Who/what is MSSC?

MSSC stands for Manufacturing Skill Standards Council which is a nationwide industry-led, training, assessment and certification system focused on the core skills and knowledge needed by the nation’s front-line production and materials-handling workers.

What is the CPT certificate?

CPT stands for Certified Production Technician. This industry-recognized credential can be earned by individuals who demonstrate mastery of the core competencies of front-line manufacturing production  (entry-level through front-line supervisor) by successful completion of the certification assessments. The goal of the CPT certification program is to raise the level of performance of production workers to assist both the individual in finding higher-wage jobs and to help the employer ensure their workforce increases the company’s productivity and competitiveness.

How do I attain a CPT certificate?

You must take and pass FOUR assessments. Two will be given in both Manufacturing Technician I and Manufacturing Technician II courses. The assessments are timed at 90 minutes and contain a maximum of 90 multiple choice questions each.

When can I take the exams?

The exams are scheduled after the completion of the Manufacturing Technician I or II courses.

How do I know if I am ready for the exams?

MSSC provides sample tests for studying/practice. These sample tests will be reviewed during class with your Instructor. The price for each assessment is $45 and is included in your tuition.

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