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Matt Hudson

Dr. Matt Hudson
Executive Dean of Career, Technical & Community Development
ED.D. St. Louis University
S. E. St. Louis University
M.S. Missouri State University
B.A. Drury University
Phone: 417-447-8102

business solutions team member sherry coker

Sherry Coker
Executive Director
M.B.A. Business Administration, Drury University
B.A. Communications, Drury University
Professional Profile
Phone: (417) 447-8884

workforce development team member cary charles

Cary Charles
Director, Business Development
M.A. Sociology, University of Kansas
B.A. Sociology, Missouri State University
Phone: (417) 447-8902

  Business Solutions

Daniel Snyder portrait

Daniel Snyder
Business Manager
M.P.A. Public Administration, Missouri State University
B.A. Print Journalism, Missouri State University
Phone: (417) 447-8897

Bobbi Box, portrait

Bobbi Box
Business Manager
B.S. Public Administration, Missouri State University
Phone: (417) 447-8907

Ellen Smith, portrait

Ellen Smith
Program and Outreach Administrator
B.A. Business Administration, Drury University
Phone: (417) 447-8899

Menglinn Cao portrait

Menglin Cao
Administrative Assistant for the CWD
M.B.A. Business Administration, Missouri State University
B.S. Finance, Missouri State University
Phone: (417) 447-8898

  Continuing Education

workforce development team member eric lansdown

Eric Lansdown
Training Specialist
OSHA General Industry Authorized Trainer
OSHA Construction Authorized Trainer
Phone: (417) 447-8918

Leigh Williams
Allied Health Program Director
B.S. Nursing, University of Tennessee
M.S. Nursing/Clinical Nurse Leader, Central Methodist University
Post Masters Certificate-Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist-University of Missouri
Phone: (417) 447-8904

Tabitha Somers portrait

Tabitha Somers
Allied Health Lead Instructor
A.S. Nursing, Fort Scott Community College
B.S. Nursing, Cox College
Phone: (417) 447-3515

Joy Mello portrait

Joy Mello
Allied Health Instructor
A.S., Burge School of Nursing
SCRN, American Board of Neuroscience Nursing
Phone: (417) 447-7618

Vicki Buraczynski, portrait

Vicki Buraczynski
Office Manager
Phone: (417) 447-8890

Jeremy Delucia
Customer Service Technician
Phone: (417) 447-8894

workforce development team member breanna obryan

Breanna O’Bryan
Recruitment/Retention Specialist, SkillUP
Phone: (417) 447-8879

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