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Carol Throckmorton 5x7 portrait

Carol Throckmorton is a passionate student of people and relationships. Carol has dedicated her life to building healthy relationships through education and enhanced communication. Her work as a trainer for the DiSC personality/behavioral tendencies system allows her to put her passion into practice.

Carol was first introduced to DISC over 25 years ago as the office manager of a dental practice. As manager, she facilitated staff training using DiSC to build better customer relationships. With the help of her training, their office saw increased patient compliance and satisfaction. As a minister’s wife she has developed a curriculum around DISC to teach Sunday School teachers and church leaders about communication.

In addition to DiSC, Carol is available to customize communications and team-building training in topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Motivation and Critical Thinking.

Carol Throckmorton attended Baptist Bible College where she studied music and missions.  She is certified through Assessments 24/7 and Dr. Tony Alessandra in DISC, Emotional Intelligence, Motivators and Critical Thinking.

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