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Reggie Harris Portrait

Reggie Harris is a professional leadership trainer and has spoken at multiple conferences, including for Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. He is known for his motivational approach and has covered topics as varied as soft skills, leadership, wellness, fitness, science, finance, coaching and technology.

Reggie is familiar with a number of leadership and communication approaches including DiSC personality assessments, Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership, FranklinCovey’s­® 5 Choices™, Kagan Structures, Bob Pike for Education and Instruction, and CliftonStrengths. He uses his background to assist organizations in the areas of leadership, company culture and core values, diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence and front-line banking processes.

Coaching, teaching and motivation come naturally for Reggie who began his career as a high school Biology/AP Biology instructor and football coach. His coaching experience includes a State Champion football team, coaching football overseas, as well as coaching various other sports.

Reggie Harris is currently a trainer with Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. and holds seven American Banker Association Certifications. Additionally, he is a Wellness Consultant, Trainer and a certified Yoga instructor. He earned his B.S. in Secondary Education, with an emphasis in Biological Sciences, from Mississippi State University.

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