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Triia Clark portrait

Tricia Clark is a passionate operations leader who partners with organizations, non-profits, and communities to serve others through personal and professional development.

Tricia has twenty-five years experience in a variety of senior manufacturing leadership roles for multi-million dollar consumer brands. She understands on a first-hand basis that leadership consists of character AND competence, not one or the other. Leaders must first lead themselves well. Only then can they effectively focus energy on ensuring others have growth opportunities, and are known, valued, and relevant.

As a leader in supply-chain excellence, Tricia has a proven record of accomplishment in tactical execution and strategy development across the full supply-chain. She is particularly skilled in leading change in challenging environments, requiring extensive analytical aptitude and exceptional managerial courage.

Tricia holds a B.S. in Accounting, and a B.S. in Management from Missouri State University, as well as, a Master’s in Business Administration from Drury College.

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