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Consulting Services: More than just a report

The Business Solutions Team at the Center for Workforce Development (CWD) believes Consulting Services should produce more than just a nice-looking report. When it comes to Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) challenges you want solutions you can implement.

Maybe you could use some expert advice or you need an outside perspective or a plan of action — we’ll work with you to help design services to meet your unique needs. We have industry experts qualified to conduct EHS reviews and provide OSHA authorized training, when needed.

Our team approach to Environmental Health and Safety consulting

CLIENT: John Deere Reman

John Deere & CWD Solutions Team

Cory Balthrop- EHS Manager
Veronica Lowe-CWD Business Manager
Mark Holt-Safety Coordinator
Becky Yeargan-HR Representative
Gary Wilson-CWD Industry Expert

THEIR CHALLENGE: Based on recent findings from an internal safety and health audit, we wanted to take a comprehensive look at health and safety program requirements and identify opportunities for improvement.

CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION: Use an Industry Expert from CWD to provide an external in-depth safety program review that focused on addressing our internal findings.

THEIR OUTCOMES: Increased compliance to OSHA requirements, improvements in overall efficiency and understanding of safety programs, and closing any gaps identified internally.

Get started today

We can do for your company what we did for John Deere Reman. We offer consulting services for process improvements, quality initiatives, leadership building, and technical skill enhancements. Contact us to request an appointment with one of our Business Managers.

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