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Emerging Leaders: Your future is now

The Business Solutions Team at the Center for Workforce Development (CWD) can help you create a mentoring environment to develop your emerging leaders. Employees with the desire and/or natural talents for leadership will be drawn to environments that foster their development. Companies who ignore this opportunity often find their future leadership pool employed by others.  Our industry experts can guide your emerging leaders in the finer points of leadership such as:

  • Character-based Leadership
  • Networking know-how
  • Professional image
  • Communication styles
  • Leading with your strengths

With options from custom material to nationally-recognized approaches, such as Gallup StrengthsFinder® or FranklinCovey®, we’ll help your emerging leaders prepare for your company’s future success!


Laurie Stowers, CWD Industry Expert
Emily Harrington, EFCO Training Specialist
Cary Charles, CWD Business Manager

Our team approach to emerging leader solutions


THEIR CHALLENGE: To encourage women to take a more active role in their careers. We wanted to provide new opportunities for growth and development with career progression in mind.

CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION: CWD’s Cary Charles worked with us to select Industry Experts to provide our emerging leaders with new perspectives on multiple topics. Laurie Stowers and other CWD staff delivered training at an offsite Women’s Leadership Summit designed to open up new avenues for strategically advancing your career.

THEIR OUTCOMES: This partnership has allowed our emerging leaders to build stronger cross-functional relationships, develop a more well-rounded view of the organization, increase communication and collaboration, and has resulted in the promotion of three Leadership Summit participants.

Get started today

We can do for your company what we did for EFCO. We’ll work with you every step of the way to choose a custom approach that fits your company and your culture. Get started by requesting an appointment with one of our Business Managers.

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