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Management Development: More than just team building

The Business Solutions Team at the Center for Workforce Development (CWD) understands that Management Development is more than just your average team-building exercise. These are your key leaders who set the tone for your entire organization. These are leaders who have been through tons of professional development. Some have even taught professional development!

Count on our industry experts to provide your top-level leaders with training that:

  • Challenges their status quo.
  • Spurs them to new levels of accountability.
  • Enhances their collaboration and follow-through.

We’ll help you select the best mix of custom material or nationally-recognized approaches, such as FranklinCovey®. Together we can create a Management Development program to both challenge AND reward the leaders in your organization.

DTE team picture

L-R: Tommy Millsap-Executive Manufacturing Engineer
Cindy Jones-CFO
Matt McBride-Executive Manufacturing Engineer
Stephanie Wilson-Director of Human Resource
Randy Will-CWD Industry Expert

Our team approach to Management Development

CLIENT: DT Engineering®

THEIR CHALLENGE: Develop strong executive leaders who think at “thirty thousand feet” and lead the company to maximum performance.

CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION: We selected FranklinCovey’s® Seven Habits of Highly Effective People® to equip our leaders with the tools to engage, collaborate, plan, and succeed.

THEIR OUTCOMES: Greater collaboration & improved communication. Development of character, self-management, and introspect.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People® Class Starting October 19th

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