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It’s about value, not gimmicks

The Business Solutions Team at the Center for Workforce Development (CWD) can help you strengthen your B2B or B2C sales processes. Distinguishing the value of your product or services – in a highly competitive, web and price based economy – is critical to success. Our industry experts can help your team:

  • Define your company’s Value Proposition
  • Target and win new and big sales
  • Develop sales management processes
  • Communicate your value to close high-profit business faster

We’ll work with your team to deliver proven strategies and coaching to set your company apart from the competition!

Nesbitt Contstruction Sales Training

Mark Holmes, CWD Industry Expert
Rick Shrouse, Nesbitt Construction General Superintendent
Veronica Lowe, CWD Business Manager
Michael Nesbitt, Nesbitt Construction President

Our team approach to sales solutions

CLIENT: Nesbitt Construction

THEIR CHALLENGE: The current economic environment of the construction industry has changed the playing field. We wanted to define our sales process by more than just “instinct” and develop better ways to communicate our company’s value.

CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION: The CWD helped us connect with Mark Holmes, a nationally-known sales specialist. Mark is helping us develop tangible tools that define our sales processes and procedures. He’s also worked with us to better articulate the value we bring to our customers.

THEIR OUTCOMES: The insights and results of working with Mark have been eye-opening! We’ve been able to clarify our sales processes and communicate our company value in ways that resonate with our clients.

Get started today

We can do for your company what we did for Nesbitt Construction. We’ll work with you every step of the way to choose a custom approach that fits your company and your culture. Get started by requesting an appointment with one of our Business Managers.

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