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Professional Development: 10 Hours

  • Team Building
  • Employment Strategies
  • Computer Literacy:
    • Working in Excel for Documentation
    • Composing, Sending, and responding to emails in Outlook

Safety: 45 Hours

OSHA 10 HOUR Objectives plus:

  • Work in a safe and productive manufacturing workplace
  • Perform safety and environmental inspections
  • Perform emergency drills and participate in emergency teams
  • Identify unsafe conditions and take corrective action
  • Provide safety orientation for all employees
  • Train personnel to use equipment safely
  • Suggest processes and procedures that support safety of the work environment
  • Fulfill safety and health requirements for maintenance, installation and repair
  • Monitor safe equipment and operator performance

Quality Practices & Measurement: 45 Hours

  • Participate in periodic internal quality audit activities
  • Check calibration of gauges and other data collection equipment
  • Suggest continuous improvements
  • Inspect materials and product/process at all stages to ensure they meet specifications
  • Document the results of quality tests
  • Communicate quality problems
  • Take corrective actions to restore or maintain quality
  • Record process outcomes and trends
  • Identify fundamentals of blueprint reading
  • Use common measurement systems and precision measurement tools
  • Hand Tools (nails, screwdrivers, calipers, drills, etc.)
  • Basic Math, including measurements and unit conversion
  • Introduction to Blueprint Reading:
    • Read drawings to determine part hole sizes and locations, scales, title blocks, part section features, and fastener sizes
    • Read multi-view drawings to visualize part shapes, identify features, and identify dimensions
    • Interpret part dimension tolerances, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) symbols and frames, and datums
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