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Advanced Sign Language CEFL-239

If you would like to hone your basic and intermediate signing skills, this is the place for you. You may take this class multiple times to learn new skills and expand your vocabulary and skill levels. A book is required.

Basic Motorcycle Course I CEG-561

This course covers the basic fundamentals for you to develop your capabilities to become a safe and responsible motorcyclist. It provides the opportunity for you to learn the physical and mental skills important for operating a motorcycle. In the classroom, you will…


Basic Motorcycle Course II CEG-563

This course is intended for those who have considerable motorcycle riding experience. Specifically trained instructors will lead you through six hours of skills practice, and discussion on the range. Examples of specific course content include: higher speed steering, cornering, counter…


Beginning Spanish Part 2 CEFL-501

Continue to build on your Spanish skills. Former students are welcome to take these classes as refreshers! The cost of the textbook is included in cost of the class. (The same book is used for Spanish I and II)

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Getting to Know Your Mac WDC-290

Learn the Macintosh desktop, how to get around in your Mac and what is made available with the latest Mac operating system, including some utilities and applications. Learn how to copy and move files and organize the desktop. This class will…

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Intermediate Sign Language CEFL-238

Continue to build on skills using the same book as Beginning Sign Language. Learn basic sign language skills, including finger spelling and basic hand shapes, used in common conversation within the deaf community. The cost of the book is included…

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Introduction to Drone Operation and Ownership CEG-080

If you own a Drone OR are considering investing in one, this one-day class will get you started on the right path! Drones are already being used by Photographers, Realtors, Farmers, Construction Projects, Municipalities, and Hobby Enthusiasts. This one-day class…

Photoshop – Level 1 WDC-291

This image editing software offers an impressive array of tools for correcting and altering digital images. Create and save files, correct images, create and manipulate layers and fix or retouch photos.

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