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Beginning Spanish Part 2 CEFL-501

Continue to build on your Spanish skills. Former students are welcome to take these classes as refreshers! The cost of the textbook is included in cost of the class. (The same book is used for Spanish I and II)

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Family Sign Language CEFL-294

Designed for family members to attend together. Tuition is required for each adult (16 and older); children (15 and under) of registered adults are free. Learn the alphabet, basic signs, home/everyday signs, and communication for hearing and non hearing individuals…

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Intermediate Sign Language CEFL-238

Continue to build on skills using the same book as Beginning Sign Language. Learn basic sign language skills, including finger spelling and basic hand shapes, used in common conversation within the deaf community. The cost of the book is included…

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Intermediate Spanish Part 1 CEFL-502

Continuation after Beginning Spanish Part 2. Topics include diction, listening, conversation, reading in Spanish and translating. At the end of this class you’ll be able to express yourself in complete sentences. Handouts provided. (The same book is used for Spanish…

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Sign Language for First Responders CEFL-293

Designed for police officers, fire fighters, EMT/EMS, and other first responding personnel to be able to bridge the gap of communication with citizens who are deaf or hard of hearing. In this course you will learn finger spelling and how…