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Restorative Expanded Functions
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Dr. Janet Sell

Learn Restorative I and Restorative II in the same class!!

The following functions will be reviewed in the online didactic course 2 weeks prior to meeting for the first practice day.  A typodont, dental mounting pole, and practice teeth will be given to each student during the first in-person practice day. Considerable practice by the students during the course will help ensure a positive outcome. During the practice days, dentists and instructors will teach these skills to assistants and hygienists, who then will be assessed by a 3rd party grader.  There are no refunds for this class for any reason.

·         Sizing and cementing of prefabricated crowns;

·         Placing, condensing, carving, and finishing amalgam for Class I, II, III, IV, V, and VI restorations;

·         Placing and finishing composite for Class I, II, III, IV,  V, and VI restorations; and

·         Minor palliative care of dental emergencies (place sedative filling).


PREWORK: The online portion of the Restorative course opens 2 weeks prior to the clinical course date. Students are required to review all materials in the modules, complete the prework restorations, and work during the 2-week prework period to prepare themselves for the clinical course. In the first class, you will receive a typodont and set of prepped teeth to practice different restorations (Class II, III, and IV) and a dental mounting pole is LOANED to the student for the entire course.  You must bring these items to the clinical session and exam.

CLINICAL SESSION: The clinical portion is a two-day session that includes instruction, demonstrations, and practice. Bring your typodont, all practice teeth, and the dental mounting pole.

PRACTICE: Students will have 2-3 weeks to go back and continue to refine their skills, building on the additional guidance and teaching they received during the clinical session.

COMPETENCY EXAM: The student will return, to complete the competency exam. Each student will be given exam preparations to place and finish restorations completely on their own.  The student will be given 3 hours to complete all restorations. Upon completion of the exam restorations, the student will turn in their assigned typodont to the instructor.  All typodonts will be shipped to a group of calibrated dentists for comprehensive grading of the restorations. Each typodont will be graded by three dentists who will determine the final score and the ultimate grade of pass or fail.


January 28, 2023 is the 1st the practice day, February 11th is the 2nd practice day (optional), February 25th is the competency exam

May 6, 2023 is the 1st the practice day, May 20th is the 2nd practice day, June 3rd is the competency exam

September 9, 2023 is the 1st practice day, Sept. 23 is the 2nd practice day, October 7th is the competency exam


·         A 100% refund is provided if the OTC Center for Workforce Development cancels a class.

·         Any student requesting to change class session to another date will pay a $100 change fee if a request is less than four weeks prior to the class start date.

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