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Forklift Safety
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We Offer OSHA Training

Our OSHA training courses and programs are developed by the OSHA Training Institute and delivered by local subject matter experts. We are an OSHA Host Training Organization* for the Great Plains OSHA Education Center located at the Business & Technology Center, Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City, MO.

OSHA Inspection Consulting

OSHA Inspection consulting is an additional business service we offer direct to employers. This pro-active approach to solving safety and health problems in the workplace helps identify problems and offer professional advice about effective worker protection.

Our OSHA Inspection consulting services are ideal for smaller businesses in high-hazard industries or those companies with especially hazardous operations.

In addition to helping employers identify and correct specific hazards, we provide guidance in developing effective safety and health programs and can offer training on- or off-site to employees. For more information about our OSHA business services, call 417-447-8918.

*The Center for Workforce Development is not an OTI Education Center, but serves as a host training organization for the Great Plains OSHA Education Center.

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