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Employer with apprentices in factory

Build your Team with Registered Apprenticeships

Build your own talent pipeline to address challenges like retention, talent development and employee engagement by using the proven model of Registered Apprenticeship.

Registered Apprenticeships are innovative, work-based, earn-and-learn models that meet national standards for registration with the U.S. Department of Labor (or federally recognized State Apprenticeship Agencies). Apprenticeships now exist in over 1,000 occupations including Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing and more!

Employer Benefits

Employers are the foundation of every apprenticeship program. This puts you in a position to see benefits including:

  • Structured on-the-job training to meet the needs of your specific business.
  • Reduced turnover costs.
  • Higher productivity.
  • Stable and predictable pipeline of skilled workers.

We Can Help

OTC’s Center for Workforce Development can partner with you to build your apprenticeship program. Our experience with apprenticeships includes:

  • Connecting employers with state and federal Registered Apprenticeship contacts.
  • Developing related technical instruction – specific to your skill needs.
  • Recommending existing courses that support on-the-job components of your apprenticeship goals.

For more information, call 417-447-8884.

Registration Benefits

Build your apprenticeship–then register your program.

Both registration AND the registration process itself provide numerous benefits:

  • A proven training model.
  • Technical assistance and support from local, state, and federal workforce partners.
  • Industry-recognized credentials for your employees.
  • Recognized quality standards.
Missouri Apprenticeship

Missouri Apprenticeship

Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed Executive Order 19-20 on Nov. 12 during the 2019 Apprenticeship Missouri Summit establishing the Office of Apprenticeship and Work-Based Learning within the Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development (DHEWD). Visit their website for more about support of Missouri Apprenticeships.

Start and Sustain Your Apprenticeship Program

Start and Sustain Your Apprenticeship Program

Link to Missouri’s PDF Playbook

For more information on Registered Apprenticeships:

Registered Apprenticeships: Myth-Busting!

MYTH: Registered Apprenticeships and internships are the same thing.

REALITY: Apprenticeship is an “earn and learn” model that combines structured on-the-job training with related instruction or technical training. Apprentices start working and earning wages from the first day on the job!

MYTH: Registered Apprenticeships are only for mechanics or welding.

REALITY: Nationwide, there are over 500,000 Registered Apprenticeships that exist in more than 1,000 occupations, Apprenticeships are emerging in healthcare, IT, energy, homeland security, transportation, advanced manufacturing and many other fields.

MYTH: Registered Apprenticeships are too expensive.

REALITY: Studies show a huge ROI on apprenticeships! Apprenticeships produce skilled employees–leading to higher productivity. Apprenticeships also increase loyalty and decrease turnover. Approximately 91% of workers that complete apprenticeship programs remain employed, helping lower recruitment costs.

MYTH: All Registered Apprenticeships are union jobs.

REALITY: Apprenticeship has been widely used in both union and non-union businesses with positive results. If you are looking for a workforce solution that is skill-based, can be supported with experiential learning on the job, and will not take years to reap the benefits of highly-skilled, well trained employees, then apprenticeship is the answer.

MYTH: Only non-educated or inexperienced individuals qualify for Registered Apprenticeships.

REALITY: Apprentices can be new-hires OR businesses can select current employees to join an apprenticeship program. Current employees can receive credit for related experience or education. It’s also a good way to reward high-performing new employees and move them up the career ladder within your business! Read success stories at

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