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Build your Career Pathway with Registered Apprenticeships

Plug into an apprenticeship program to address challenges like student loan debt, lack of experience, and difficulty connecting with employers. Registered Apprenticeships are a proven model that connect employers with potential employees, like yourself, who are ready to earn and learn!

Registered Apprenticeships (RAs) are innovative, work-based, earn-and-learn models that meet national standards for registration with the U.S. Department of Labor (or federally recognized State Apprenticeship Agencies). Apprenticeships now exist in over 1,000 occupations including Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing and more!

Student Benefits of Registered Apprenticeships:

  • Employed from day one.
  • Graduate with zero debt.
  • Receive real on-the-job experience while studying.
  • Wage progression as skills are mastered.
  • Competitive advantage over peers not in a Registered Apprenticeship.
  • Industry recognized credential upon completion.
  • Some RAs have a minimum age of 16, allowing you to begin your apprenticeship in High School.

Myth Busting Registered Apprenticeships

MYTH: Apprenticeships and internships are the same thing.

REALITY: RAs are earn-and-learn, typically last longer and result in a recognized industry credential.

MYTH: Skilled labor doesn't pay well.

REALITY: Over the course of a career, apprenticeship completers may earn as much as $300,000 more than their non-apprentice peers.

MYTH: They are only for mechanics, welding or union jobs.

REALITY: RAs offer access to over 1,000 career areas including healthcare, IT, and manufacturing.

We Can Help

OTC’s Center for Workforce Development is available to help you explore apprenticeship programs. We provide dedicated-staff to help build and fill registered apprenticeships in the Springfield area.

We collaborate with the City of Springfield, Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, Vocational Rehabilitation, and many other programs to offer the support you need to begin this journey. Contact us today and get started!

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For more information, contact Sara Coatney by phone call at 417-447-7831.

For more information on Registered Apprenticeships, visit:

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